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INDIAN GRANITES : Our Collection of Indian Granite with details of patterns.


Rose' Pink Indian Granite Sample

Rosy Pink Granite

Used widely for floorings, countertop, tabletops, Granite stepping, and Granite Borders.
See Rose' Pink Indian Granite Sample

New China White Granite Sample

Snow Leoprad Granite
Granite with base color white with patterns like snow leopard. Looks exotic when combined with Black colored border & vibrant with bright colored borders.
See Snow Leopard Granite Sample 

Mokulsar Green Indian Granite Sample

Mokulsar Green Granite

Dark Green based granite. Exclusive material for countertops, table tops & floorings.

See Mokulsar Green Granite Sample 

K Red Indian Granite Sample

K Red Granite

Red based granite with soft looks. Ideal choice for Table Tops in Cafe', Hotels and Luxury homes.
See K Red Granite Sample 

New Imperial Red Granite India

Imperial Red Granite

Dark Red granite with soft finish. Used all over world for floorings, tabletops, cladding & borders.
See Imperial Red Granite Sample 


Rose' Red Granite Indian Sample

Rose Red Granite

Red based granite with soft Rose like textures. 

See Rose Red Granite Sample 

Crystal Blue Granite Indian

Crystal Blue Granite

Blue crystal's pattern with very soft looks.
Gives a soft flower looks.

See Indian Crystal Blue Granite Sample 


Merry Gold Indian Granite Sample

Merry Gold Granite

Camouflage look granite gives a Royal looks when used in Stairs, Exteriors & countertops.

See Merry Gold Granite Sample 


Raniwara Yellow Indian Granite Sample

Raniwara Yellow Granite

One of the most used granite exclusively for Counters, Tabletops and Kitchen tops. 

See Raniwara Yellow Granite Sample 

Indian Granites - 2  >>

   Click above for black, cream & White colored granites like Black Galaxy, Kashmir white, Paradiso etc


Chima Pink Indian Granite Sample

Chima Pink Granite

Pink granite with Royal Soft looks. This Indian Granite looks fabulous when used with combination of our sunny pink sandstone.
See Chima Pink Indian Granite Sample

Bala Flower Granite Sample

Bala Flower Granite

Granite with colors Grey, Green & Pink forming patterns of wild flowers. Suitable choice for cladding, tabletops, countertops & floorings.
See Bala Flower Granite Sample 

Nagina Green Granite Sample

Nagina Green Granite

This iron like hard Granite is used in floorings, counters etc.

See Nagina Green Granite Sample 

Lava Indian Granite Sample

Lava Granite

Fire up interiors with this molten lava like granite. Flame this granite & fire up exterior designs with unmatched looks.
See Indian Lava Granite Sample 

Jhansi Red Indian Granite Sample

Jhansi Red Granite

Very bright & shiny red granite. Used in cladding, floorings, counters & vanity tops.

See Jhansi Red Granite Sample 

Copper silk Granite Sample

Indian Copper Silk Granite

Copper silk looks great for kitchen countertops and tabletops.
See Indian Copper Silk Granite 

Crystal Yellow Indian Granite Sample

Crystal Yellow Granite

Yellow background granite with Dark yellow crystal scattered.

See Crystal Yellow Granite Sample 

Apple Green Indian Granite Sample

Apple Green Granite

Green based granite. Used as countertop, tabletop and Granite floorings.

See all Apple Green Granite 


Fire Fly Indian Granite Sample

Firefly Granite

Our NEW product with Blackish base with hint of grey & green & Gold Spot scattered all over shining randomly.
See Indian Firefly Granite Sample 

Indian Granites - 2  >>

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