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Frequently asked questions about Marble, Granite, Stone Samples, Prices, our service & our method of working.
Information on this page is for General, Retail as well as wholesalers.

1) Are you a Quarry Owner or Manufacturer or Trader ?

Well we are all of them above. We have quarries, we have state of the art manufacturing plant and we manufacture & trade materials not belonging to our quarry thus having full control over Quality and Delivery.

2) How do you manage to keep your prices So LOW?

Do you really think That way?  Answer is - NO we don't sell anything at low prices !! That's right No Low price selling.
We only sell materials at RIGHT Price. The Stones you purchase from us carry a Fair Price Tag. Since we strongly believe that Quality Material can never be given in Cheaper prices it should be Right Price.


What are your Sample Policy? I need the material in hand before making any decision.

Yes we do understand that you require samples to see. That is the reason we have provided Quality pictures in this site. But they may be not good enough for you to decide.
We can send 3"x3" Samples to Genuine Buyers. Free Samples of bigger sizes are sent when buyers agrees to pay the courier charges. If the order gets confirmed we further more bigger samples in the shipment.


4) What are your Quality Policy

- we have Quarry producing great quality material - the first step
- We have State of the Art Manufacturing Plant to process this material, which ensures that material is Flat,
   Properly Inspected and has High Polish on Slabs and cut to size material.
- We already have Three Gang saws and are in process of putting Fourth.
- We have Imported Tiling Pant for Calibrated, Chamfered & Grooved 10 mm Tiles
- Our Warehouse can accommodate around 40 Container Material at a time
- Our Quality Team has years of Vast Experience
- All the container are stuffed in front of Experienced staff with extra care and some extra packaging
  materials are used to doubly insure product's safety. Containers are pictured in detail while stuffing.
5) What is your lead time?

We have ready stocks of commercially selling dimensions at our Factory and the container is dispatched right away. If some custom or less running dimensions are in the order we take around 7 to 20 working days depending on dimensions and quantity.


6) How Different is your packaging from others?

We pay minute attention in packaging. Extra care is done in selection wooden crates, more padding is done then usual, all crates are loaded & locked in front of experienced staff. All loading pictures are send to buyer.

Some of the ACTUAL Client Testimonial showing fanatic Support for buyers.

"We received the items on Friday. Discharge was ok. Your instructions were great. Thank you very much for your help!"

"Thank you so much for your support"

"We would like to inform you that we got all the marbles, despite that about five got damaged while unloading, but we really appreciate the effort"


7) What are your Payment Terms

For Initial orders, custom jobs and very small quantity we require advance to start the job and balance at the time of dispatch from factory and for rest we prefer  100 % L/C. We consider softer payment options with clients of Regular shipments.


8) We have an design that requires custom sizes, holes & edges, that's possible?

Off course possible. We already have done many projects of this sort and can provide them on time.

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